Preschool, primary and secondary

In modern societies, formal education for children and young people takes place primarily in institutions – primary and secondary schools, and increasingly in preschool and child care settings. This area of research focuses on these institutions as organizations. Specifically, research investigates the policies, practices and actors that shape the governance, administration and development of these institutions over time.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Dianne Bloomfield Director; Honorary Associate Professor
Keywords: professional experience, teacher identity, inservice and preservice professional learning
Professor Peter Freebody Honorary Professor
Keywords: equity and literacy education, classroom research, ICT and literacy learning, critical literacy, literacy across the curriculum and the school years
Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith Honorary Professor, Division of Professional Learning
Keywords: Teacher professional learning, student voice, mixed methods in school inquiry
Associate Professor Deb Hayes Associate Professor, School Leadership, Management and School Partnership; Director, Education I-IV Program
Dr Kevin Laws Convenor, Developing Educational Professionals in Southeast Asia; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Organisational culture and change, Program evaluation, Organisational learning, Leadership, International education, Continuing professional development of teachers and teacher educators in Asia and Pacific region
Dr George Odhiambo Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management; Research Progress Manager, Office of Doctoral Studies; Coordinator, Leadership & Management Program; Ethics Coordinator
Professor Alison Elliott Chair in Early Childhood Education; Honorary Professor