International and comparative education

Educational problems and policies are less and less likely to be framed entirely within their local context. More commonly, as education is caught up in moves towards the global ‘knowledge economy’, countries compare their policies and performance in education, and adapt or adopt elements of other systems. But this ‘cultural borrowing’ is actually an intricate art, which raises key questions of culture, identity and context. International organizations, often economic (such as the OECD, World Bank, and Asian Development Bank) are also having an increasing impact on how national educational policies and programs are framed, as are institutions such as UNESCO, UNICEF and the UNDP. Educational aid (bi-lateral and multi-lateral) also shapes the development of national education systems, particularly in the developing world. These processes and institutions are the stuff of research in international and comparative education.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Tim Allender Associate Professor, History of Education, History Curriculum; History Curriculum Coordinator; Combined Degree Programme Director ; Affiliate, History Department, Faculty of Arts; Education III Coordinator; Secondary Practicum Coordinator; Research Manager
Keywords: History, Postcolonial, History Curriculum, Feminist History, Classroom Disciplinarity, Knowledge Transfer
Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall Associate Professor, Comparative Education
Dr Elizabeth Cassity Lecturer, Comparative and International Education; Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: Comparative Education, Education Policy, International Development, Foreign Aid, Equity, Education Contexts
Dr Rosita Holenbergh Honorary Associate
Keywords: Internationalisation, China Studies, science philosophy, policy and education, higher education
Ms Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Dr Kevin Laws Convenor, Developing Educational Professionals in Southeast Asia; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Organisational culture and change, Program evaluation, Organisational learning, Leadership, International education, Continuing professional development of teachers and teacher educators in Asia and Pacific region
Dr Alex McCormick Sessional Lecturer and Tutor; Associate Lecturer; Research Assistant; Equity Working Group Coordinator; Postdoctoral Fellow
Keywords: Education for All, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, Global Social Policy, Norm Transfer, Critical Discourse Analysis
Dr George Odhiambo Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership and Management; Research Progress Manager, Office of Doctoral Studies; Coordinator, Leadership & Management Program; Ethics Coordinator
Professor Murray Print Professor and Chair of Education
Keywords: Civics, citizenship, democratic education, electoral education
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education
Keywords: international higher education, Australian education, comparative and international education, education and social policy, education and equality
Ms Christabel Wescombe Honorary Associate, Faculty
Dr Arathi Sriprakash Lecturer, Sociology of Education & International and Comparative Education; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: socio-cultural diversity, pro-poor development, policy translations, ethnographic methodologies
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia Lecturer, History Curriculum Education
Keywords: History curriculum, citizenship education, history, state formation, comparative and international education