Body image and identity

This cross-disciplinary area of research investigates self image, self esteem, identity, body image, obesity, dieting and eating disorders among children, adolescents, the role of teachers and implications for school-based health education and childhood obesity prevention. Analytical frameworks for this field of inquiry are consider issues of gender, life-course stage, socio-cultural influences, ethnicity, social class and Indigenous status.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Jennifer O'Dea Professor, Health Education and Nutrition Education; Faculty Ethics Coordinator; Coordinator, Youth, Sport and Health Research Network; Board Member, Charles Perkins Centre formerly known as the Centre for Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease CODCD; University Human Ethics Committee Member; Honorary Professor
Dr Kate Russell Senior Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education; Doctoral Studies Research Progress Manager; Division Low Risk Ethics Committee; Honorary Senior Lecturer; Honours Coordinator
Keywords: Gender, body image, sexuality, sport, identity, sexual health education