Health promotion

This area focuses on several broad aspects of school-based health education and health promotion theory, research and practice. Research and interventions include nutrition education, physical activity promotion, drug education, sex education, mental health promotion, self esteem development, obesity prevention and innovative initiatives to encourage youth participation in sport, physical activity, outdoor activities and health-related behaviours.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Wayne Cotton Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education; Director, Study Abroad; Program Director, Human Movement and Health Education; Senior Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education
Keywords: experiential education, coaching, physical activity, ICT, learning designs, learning objects, web quests
Professor Jennifer O'Dea Professor, Health Education and Nutrition Education; Faculty Ethics Coordinator; Coordinator, Youth, Sport and Health Research Network; Board Member, Charles Perkins Centre formerly known as the Centre for Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease CODCD; University Human Ethics Committee Member; Honorary Professor
Associate Professor Louise Rowling Honorary Associate Professor in Health Promotion
Dr Louisa Peralta Faculty Ethics Reviewer; Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Professional Practice; First Year Experience and Social Inclusion Academic Coordinator
Keywords: Pedagogies in physical education, physical activity, health promotion, fundamental movement skills, school-based programs