English and literacy

Debates about practice, curriculum and policy in English and literacy education have raged for many decades and continue to attract media and public attention: How best to teach English and literacy in the early, acquisition stages of schooling? How to maintain English and literacy learning through the middle years? How to strengthen English education in the senior phase of schooling, particularly in the area of literary and arts-enriched studies, while supporting and extending literacy capabilities across the school curriculum, and across print and digital media? How to expand our view of English and literacy education to incorporate the complex visually presented information used across the curriculum areas? These and other questions continue to drive research into this critical area.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Jon Callow Senior Lecturer, English Education K–6, undergraduate and graduate-entry programs; Coordinator, BEd(Primary) honours; Program Director, MTeach(Primary)
Keywords: visual literacy, literacy, pedagogy, equity, technology
Dr Susan Colmar Program Director, School Counselling/School Psychology MTeach; Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate/Graduate-entry (Policy & Programs); Senior Lecturer
Keywords: language and literacy assessments and interventions
Professor Robyn Ewing AM Professor, Teacher Education and the Arts; Acting ProDean
Keywords: arts-informed inquiry, drama and critical literacy, primary curriculum, the arts and learning, early-career teachers
Dr Kelly Freebody Senior Lecturer, Drama, English, Teaching and Learning; Combined Degrees Coordinator; Program Director (BEd, Secondary Combined)
Keywords: Social justice, drama, literacy, ethnomethodology, socio-economic status
Professor Peter Freebody Honorary Professor
Keywords: equity and literacy education, classroom research, ICT and literacy learning, critical literacy, literacy across the curriculum and the school years
Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel Associate Professor, English Education; Convenor, Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network (AELE); Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English Education; Affiliate, Department of English, Faculty of Arts; Undergraduate Scholarships Committee; Program Director (MTeach, Secondary)
Associate Professor Alyson Simpson Associate Professor, English and Literacy Education, Undergraduate and Graduate-entry programs; Associate Dean Undergraduate / Preservice (Student Welfare and Progress)
Keywords: children's literature, eLearning, visual literacy, blended learning, discourse analysis, pedagogy
Dr Marie Stevenson Lecturer in TESOL; Convenor of MEd TESOL
Adjunct Professor Paul Brock AM FACE FACEL Adjunct Professor
Keywords: English literature, language, literacy and curriculum; history of NSW education; teaching and learning; educational public policy development; educational equity; professional teaching standards; physical and intellectual disability
Professor Robert J. Tierney Honorary Professor
Keywords: Literacy education, research paradigms and rhetoric of science, assessment, professional development of educators, multimedia and cultural studies
Professor Geoff Williams Honorary Professor
Keywords: Literacy education, ontogenesis of ways of meaning, semantic variation, social semiotics
Dr Jen Scott Curwood Senior Lecturer, English Education and Media Studies
Professor Anne Burns Honorary Professor
Dr Heather Weaver Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: history of schooling, visual literacy, media and cultural studies, democratic learning