Teacher education and professional learning

Teachers form the largest single professional group in Australia. Research on teacher education examines a wide range of issues, spanning studies of the efficacy of pre-service teacher education programs, analyses of policies driving change in these programs, and explorations of the experience of ‘becoming’ in this key social profession. Research on teacher professional learning also has a wide span, taking in studies of specific interventions to sustain and enhance in-service teacher knowledge professionalism as well as studies of the development of teacher practice and identity over time.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Tim Allender Associate Professor, History of Education, History Curriculum; History Curriculum Coordinator; Combined Degree Programme Director ; Affiliate, History Department, Faculty of Arts; Education III Coordinator; Secondary Practicum Coordinator; Research Manager
Keywords: History, Postcolonial, History Curriculum, Feminist History, Classroom Disciplinarity, Knowledge Transfer
Associate Professor Judy Anderson Associate Professor, Mathematics Education; Associate Dean Learning and Teaching; Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics
Keywords: mathematics, teacher professional development, teachers' beliefs and practices, student motivation and engagement, problem solving
Associate Professor Dianne Bloomfield Director; Honorary Associate Professor
Keywords: professional experience, teacher identity, inservice and preservice professional learning
Associate Professor Janette Bobis Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Keywords: mathematics education, teacher professional development, teacher knowledge, motivation and engagement in mathematics, mental computation
Dr Nikki Brunker Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies
Associate Professor David Evans Associate Professor, Special Education; Course Coordinator, MEd(Special and Inclusive Education); Director, Bachelor of Education Honours Program; Student Disability Liaison Officer
Keywords: Special education, inclusive education, universal design, literacy, numeracy
Professor Robyn Ewing AM Professor, Teacher Education and the Arts; Acting ProDean
Keywords: arts-informed inquiry, drama and critical literacy, primary curriculum, the arts and learning, early-career teachers
Professor Peter Freebody Honorary Professor
Keywords: equity and literacy education, classroom research, ICT and literacy learning, critical literacy, literacy across the curriculum and the school years
Ms Vilma Galstaun Lecturer in ICT in education; Teaching Teachers for the Future Project Coordinator; First Year Coordinator, BEd (Primary)
Dr Robyn Gibson Senior Lecturer, Visual & Creative Arts Education; Associate Dean, Undergraduate & Preservice programs; Director, Community Relations; Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Keywords: Creative & Visual Arts education, the Arts and learning, arts-informed inquiry
Professor Susan Groundwater-Smith Honorary Professor, Division of Professional Learning
Keywords: Teacher professional learning, student voice, mixed methods in school inquiry
Associate Professor Deb Hayes Associate Professor, School Leadership, Management and School Partnership; Director, Education I-IV Program
Ms Kate (Catherine) Keeley Lecturer; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies BA/BEd(Secondary combined degree) ; Curriculum Coordinator, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Society and Culture Master of Teaching Program
Keywords: Early career teachers and accreditation, Aboriginal education, Global education, Juvenile justice, Legal Studies and legal issues within education, Social justice and equality, Environmental education
Dr Kevin Laws Convenor, Developing Educational Professionals in Southeast Asia; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: Organisational culture and change, Program evaluation, Organisational learning, Leadership, International education, Continuing professional development of teachers and teacher educators in Asia and Pacific region
Dr Tony Loughland Senior Lecturer, Director of Professional Experience
Keywords: Professional Experience
Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel Associate Professor, English Education; Convenor, Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network (AELE); Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English Education; Affiliate, Department of English, Faculty of Arts; Undergraduate Scholarships Committee; Program Director (MTeach, Secondary)
Dr Lina Markauskaite Senior Lecturer, eResearch, Centre for Research on Computer-supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo Research Centre); Research Progress Manager, Division of Doctoral Studies ; Thesis Examination and Progress Review Coordinator, Division of Doctoral Studies; Postgraduate Research Student Coordinator, Division of Doctoral Studies
Keywords: epistemic fluency, personal epistemology, knowledge work, teacher knowledge, design knowledge, ICT in education, ICT-enhanced social research methods, eResearch in education, social and epistemic shaping of eResearch
Dr Christine Preston Lecturer, Primary Curriculum Studies; Associate Director Professional Experience (Primary); Lecturer Science Education; Lecturer Early Childhood Science; Program Director (BEd, Primary)
Keywords: Children's interpretation of science diagrams, K-12 science, early childhood science, primary curriculum, marine education, professional experience
Dr Lesley Scanlon Senior Lecturer, Teaching and Learning; Coordinator, Professional Doctorates
Associate Professor Alyson Simpson Associate Professor, English and Literacy Education, Undergraduate and Graduate-entry programs; Associate Dean Undergraduate / Preservice (Student Welfare and Progress)
Keywords: children's literature, eLearning, visual literacy, blended learning, discourse analysis, pedagogy
Dr Louise Sutherland Senior Lecturer, Division of Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; Program Director, MTeach(Secondary); Co-ordinator Science Curriculum K-12
Dr Jennifer Way Senior Lecturer, Mathematics Education; Associate Dean Undergraduate & Preservice Programs (Policies & Programs)
Keywords: mathematics, primary, technologies, engagement, pedagogy, teacher development
Ms Catherine Smyth Associate Lecturer, HSIE K-6 Curriculum and Curriculum Studies ; 4th Year B.Ed (Primary) Coordinator
Keywords: History curriculum (K-6), HSIE, Civics and Citizenship Education, primary curriculum, Global Education
Professor Robert J. Tierney Honorary Professor
Keywords: Literacy education, research paradigms and rhetoric of science, assessment, professional development of educators, multimedia and cultural studies
Professor Alison Elliott Chair in Early Childhood Education; Honorary Professor
Dr Derek Sankey Honorary Associate
Keywords: Dynamic Systems Theory, philosophy of science, human development, mind and brain, learning and teaching, school-based teacher education
Professor Jack C Richards Honorary Professor
Keywords: Language Teacher Education, Methodology in Language Teaching, Curriculum Design and Materials Development
Mr Martin Parisio PhD candidate; Teacher of ICT in Education; Postgraduate Fellow; Teaching Assistant - Master of Learning Science and Technology; Faculty Learning Spaces Review Working Party Member
Keywords: Learning and teaching, educational design, teaching as design, higher education
Ms Neta Steigrad Associate Lecturer Curriculum: Classical Hebrew and Judaism
Keywords: Language teacher education, teacher mentoring, community languages
Dr Jen Scott Curwood Senior Lecturer, English Education and Media Studies
Ms Katrina Thorpe PhD candidate; Lecturer
Dr Hoa Thi Mai Nguyen Research Fellow
Professor Anne Burns Honorary Professor
Dr Sabrin Farooqui Sessional Lecturer and Tutor
Mr John Hobson Lecturer in Indigenous Education; Director, Graduate Indigenous Education Programs
Keywords: Australian languages, Indigenous languages education, language revival, Indigenous teacher education, ICT in education.