Gender relations and gender identity

The social positions of women and men, the distinctions between femininity and masculinity, the different ways gender patterns are enacted, and the consequences in terms of economic and social inequality, are important themes of contemporary social science and humanities. Researchers investigate how gender relations affect growing up, personal relationships, and large-scale institutions, and how they are represented in culture. The Faculty has made significant research efforts in this area. Projects range from life-history interviewing and examinations of gendered labour markets to studies of global gender patterns. A particular focus has been the place of men and boys in gender relations and the social construction of masculinities.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Raewyn Connell University Chair
Keywords: world social science, global power structure, corporate masculinities, neocolonialism, teachers
Associate Professor Susan Goodwin Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Research; Acting Associate Director Doctoral Division
Professor Gabrielle Meagher Professor of Social Policy; Co-convenor, Social Policy Research Network; Convenor, MTeach Honours Program; Associate Dean, Office of Doctoral Studies
Keywords: care work, privatisation, elder care, comparative social policy, public opinion on inequality and the welfare state
Dr Helen Proctor Senior Lecturer; Research Higher Degree Student Co-ordinator; Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies; Thesis Proposal and Examination Coordinator, Office of Doctoral Studies
Dr Kate Russell Senior Lecturer, Human Movement and Health Education; Doctoral Studies Research Progress Manager; Division Low Risk Ethics Committee; Honorary Senior Lecturer; Honours Coordinator
Keywords: Gender, body image, sexuality, sport, identity, sexual health education
Dr Kellie Burns Senior Lecturer, Health Education and Professional Practice; Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies
Keywords: gender, sexuality, sexual citizenship, gender/sexuality and sport, sexualities education, pedagogies of health and wellbeing, school as clinical setting
Dr Heather Weaver Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: history of schooling, visual literacy, media and cultural studies, democratic learning