Social change

Societies change over time, so the experiences and relationships of groups and individuals change too. These changes can be studied by the techniques of documentary history or statistical analysis, and by contemporary research methods such as life-history interviewing. In the study of social change in education, how institutions such as schools are created and transformed is a particular focus of research. In the study of change in social work and policy studies fields, how social policies, interventions and movements deliberately and inadvertently affect the distribution of power and resources and the social position of different kinds of people are central, as is understanding the role of individual and collective action to promote or resist change.

Researchers in this area include:

Dr Dorothy Bottrell Senior Lecturer, Teaching and Learning; Co-ordinator B.Ed (Secondary) Honours; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: resilience, schools and communities, youth work, social justice, juvenile justice, social policy
Mr Patrick Brownlee Senior Research Associate
Keywords: Research policy, globalisation, higher education, multiculturalism
Dr Jon Callow Senior Lecturer, English Education K–6, undergraduate and graduate-entry programs; Coordinator, BEd(Primary) honours; Program Director, MTeach(Primary)
Keywords: visual literacy, literacy, pedagogy, equity, technology
Associate Professor Craig Campbell Honorary Associate Professor, History of Education
Keywords: history of secondary education, history of adolescence, history of schooling, school choice
Dr Elizabeth Cassity Lecturer, Comparative and International Education; Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: Comparative Education, Education Policy, International Development, Foreign Aid, Equity, Education Contexts
Professor Raewyn Connell University Chair
Keywords: world social science, global power structure, corporate masculinities, neocolonialism, teachers
Dr Kelly Freebody Senior Lecturer, Drama, English, Teaching and Learning; Combined Degrees Coordinator; Program Director (BEd, Secondary Combined)
Keywords: Social justice, drama, literacy, ethnomethodology, socio-economic status
Associate Professor Susan Goodwin Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Research; Acting Associate Director Doctoral Division
Associate Professor Deb Hayes Associate Professor, School Leadership, Management and School Partnership; Director, Education I-IV Program
Professor Jude Irwin Emerita Professor of Social Work and Social Justice, Social Work and Policy Studies
Ms Mary Lane Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Keywords: Social work practice and education, community development and activism, social work and peace, social work and social movements
Dr Alex McCormick Sessional Lecturer and Tutor; Associate Lecturer; Research Assistant; Equity Working Group Coordinator; Postdoctoral Fellow
Keywords: Education for All, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, Global Social Policy, Norm Transfer, Critical Discourse Analysis
Associate Professor Ruth Phillips Senior Lecturer in Social Work and Policy Studies; Associate Director, Office of Doctoral Studies; BSW Honours Coordinator
Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne Associate Professor, Community Development; Faculty Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework; Convenor, Master of Policy Studies; Convenor Social Work & Policy Studies
Dr Ilektra Spandagou Senior Lecturer, Inclusive Education
Keywords: Inclusive education, social policy and social inclusion, disability studies, attitudes towards disability and inclusive education
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education
Keywords: international higher education, Australian education, comparative and international education, education and social policy, education and equality
Dr Catherine Burgess Lecturer in Education and Aboriginal Studies Curriculum Methods; PhD Candidate
Ms Belinda Chambers Project Manager, Learning and Teaching; PhD Candidate (Sydney)
Dr Arathi Sriprakash Lecturer, Sociology of Education & International and Comparative Education; Honorary Senior Lecturer
Keywords: socio-cultural diversity, pro-poor development, policy translations, ethnographic methodologies