Child young people: safety and well-being

Research in this area extends from healthy children and young people in their social and school environments through to severely disadvantaged children and young people and their families. This includes children and young people in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, Indigenous communities and low socio-economic communities. Research is typically informed by theoretical and conceptual perspectives about safety, risk, resilience, welfare and wellbeing. Understanding the policy context of responding to complex problems experienced by children and young people is also critical to research in this area, as are the interconnections between practice, policy and research. Principles of conducting ethical research with children who represent a vulnerable community group underpin the research activities.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Lesley Laing Associate Professor, Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs; A/Program Director, BSW; A/Associate Dean, UGPS (Student Welfare & Progression); Program Director (MSW, Q); Program Director (BSW)
Dr Denise Lynch Coordinator, Postgraduate Coursework, Social Work and Policy Studies; Honorary Senior Lecturer; Program Co-director, MSW(Qualifying)
Associate Professor Fran Waugh Associate Professor Social Work and Policy Studies; Acting Associate Dean Academic Programs ; Pro Dean; Acting Dean
Dr Jennifer Broadbent Honorary Associate