Disability and mental health

Emphasis is placed on exploring different conceptualisations of disability and mental health in order to constructively appraise the interrelationship between theory, policy and practice. This facilitates theoretical and empirical research which has an interdisciplinary focus and which has both a critical and a practical relevance. Examples include the application of postmodern feminist perspectives, appraisals of social model frames of reference and the use of ‘action’ and participatory research methodologies. Research into these areas investigates commonly held assumptions, brings to the fore consumer perspectives and critically appraises key aspects of policy and practice.

Researchers in this area include:

Professor Trevor R. Parmenter AM Honorary Professor
Keywords: mental disorders, disabilities, social science, cognitive disorders, developmental psychology
Dr Ilektra Spandagou Senior Lecturer, Inclusive Education
Keywords: Inclusive education, social policy and social inclusion, disability studies, attitudes towards disability and inclusive education
Mr Simon Tully Honorary Associate