Visiting scholars

The faculty continues to welcome and support visiting international scholars who are seeking to work on collaborative projects. Since 2004, more than 70 visiting scholars have completed projects at the faculty, for periods ranging from a few weeks to 12 months or more.

The links below will display tables that show the visits by scholars which took place within the time period/s stated. Each visit is listed only once, under the year in which it was commenced.

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The table on this page shows the scope and nature of visits commenced in 2016.


Laskar, Ritwika

University of Calcutta

Bangal, INDIA

25 Apr 2016 –
24 Oct 2016

Associate Professor David Evans

To analyse the system of inclusive education in Australia.

Qian, Xing Ping

Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing City, CHINA

1 Feb 2016 –
1 Feb 2017

Associate Professor Hui-Zhong Shen

To analyse ESP curriculum development in Australia and China.

He, Ping

Tianjin University

Tianjin, CHINA

1 Jan 2016 –
31 Dec 2016

Professor Peter Goodyear

To research how digital tools and new technological media enhance the learning and teaching outcomes in STEM disciplines.

Funaki, Shinsuke

Fukui Prefectural University

Kukui, JAPAN

8 Apr 2016 –
10 Mar 2017

Associate Professor Ruth Phillips

Reconstructing community engagements between social minority communities and the local community through digital media production