student profile: Mr Ahmad Saifulloh


Thesis work

Thesis title: Pesantren: Creating 'Good' Citizens for Indonesian Multicultural Society

Supervisors: Kellie BURNS , Murray PRINT

Thesis abstract:

One of the most significant challenge of nation-states in modern world is establishing harmony and peace within multicultural societies. Many scholars argued that building harmony among multicultural societies could be done through recognising the diversity of the population then forging it into a national identity. In this regard, educational institutions can play a crucial role in creating citizens who can internalise democratic values and deal with the potential threat of multicultural societies by implementing citizenship education. As an emerging democratic country in the post-Soeharto era, Indonesia has severe problems in building harmony and peace among its multicultural society. In this context, many scholars believed that citizenship education is one of the solutions. This study will investigate the practice of citizenship education within three prominent Indonesian Islamic boarding schools (Pesantrens) in the context of addressing the challenges of Indonesian multicultural societies. Those Pesantrens are Pesantren Sidogiri, Pesantren Gontor, and Pesantren Tebuireng. Using qualitative approach with case study design and phenomenography, I will study the practice of citizenship education within those Pesantrens that comprises the conceptions of citizenship education, curriculum design for citizenship education, and the delivery of that curriculum. The finding of this research is projected to give nuances of citizenship education practice in Indonesia and will contribute to filling the theoretical gap on citizenship education conceptions of Muslims where they are the majority in a multicultural country. It will also develop a Pesantren-based model of citizenship education curriculum that incorporates religious teaching. Also, this study will contribute to improving an interpretive understanding on the delivery of a combined model of citizenship education curriculum in faith schools which employ full boarding system within multicultural societies.

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