student profile: Ms Amanda Freeborn

BA/BEd (SecEd:HumSocSci) (Hons.I)(USYD)MEdLead(SE) (Macq)


Thesis work

Thesis title: Regulating the teaching profession by problematizing entry into NSW undergraduate teaching degrees.

Supervisors: Kelly FREEBODY

Thesis abstract:

The purpose of this study is to critically explore ‘minimum standard’ entry requirements for undergraduate teaching degrees at New South Wales universities using Carol Bacchi’s critical question ‘What’s the problem represented to be?’

By employing Bacchi’s Foucauldian inspired framework to examine this relatively new regulation, which is outlined in the New South Wales Government’s ‘Great Teaching, Inspired Learning’ policy, the aim is to be able to develop a greater understanding of the unexamined ways of thinking that have led to the academic ability of potential teachers being positioned as a ‘problem’ which needs to be addressed through policy.

Awards and honours

2013 - George Cooney Education Scholarship recipient. DEC Scholarship for Postgraduate study at Macquarie University

2013 - First in course EDCN817 Sociology and Education (Masters of Educational Leadership, Macquarie University)

2011 - South West Sydney Award for Individual Excellence for Early Career Teaching recipient

2009 - Marion Macaulay Bequest recipient (University of Sydney scholarship for study at a foreign university)

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