Dr Ari Lobel

PhD (NIRC), MLA (Johns Hopkins), BTL (NIRC)

A35 - Education Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 3511

Biographical details

Ari Lobel has just returned to Sydney to serve as a lecturer in the department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish studies. He left Sydney straight after high school and moved to Jerusalem, Israel where he spent almost a decade (1986-96) studying at various academic institutions, including the Hebrew University, and Aish Hatorah College of Jewish Studies (where he also taught for a number of years). Subjects included Modern, Biblical and Mishnaic Hebrew, Biblical and Talmudic law and philosophy, Biblical interpretation and Aramaic. While in Jerusalem, Ari also received rabbinical ordination. He then moved to Baltimore, USA to continue his studies at Ner Israel Rabbinical College where he was awarded a Bachelor of Talmudic Law and then later a PhD in Talmudic Law. In the period between his bachelor degree and doctorate, he completed a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree at Johns Hopkins University.

He has worked as a writer, editor and translator for the Artscroll translation and elucidation of both the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud, and served as Editorial Director for an encyclopedia of Biblical Law, personally contributing 30 articles (3 volumes of 21 have been published so far). He is currently working on a translation and commentary of the Mishnaic tractate Keilim (“Utensils”) which deals with the Biblical laws of ritual purity that apply to any item used by humans, such as utensils and jewelry.

Ari will soon be joined here in Sydney by his wife and eight children (currently still in Baltimore), ranging from 17 years old to 2 years old.

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