student profile: Mrs Camille Booker


Thesis work

Thesis title: Exploring Assessment in Languages: The French Language Progression Framework


Thesis abstract:

This study explores alternatives to assessment in languages education, focusing on the French language in particular. The French Language Progression Framework was specifically developed in order to provide a way to assess where students are in their language learning development so that teachers would be able to plan and program accordingly, and to credit student learning and give teachers, schools, learners and their families clear information about what students can do in the language. There are numerous state syllabuses documents, the national curriculum is in a draft format and there are now external texts and exams – why another document? This is exactly the reason why. The study has aimed to align the French Language Progression Framework with existing tests and documents and provide teachers with a valid instrument to assess student progression. Additionally, existing documents that focus on assessing only the four skills of language learning (reading, listening, speaking and writing) are insufficient and so are not capable of dealing with the more recent developments of the Australian curriculum, with its strong focus on Intercultural learning outcomes.

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