student profile: Mr Chen Chen


Thesis work

Thesis title: English learning in an online interactive video-based environment - A case study in China

Supervisors: Yifeng YUAN, Huizhong SHEN

Thesis abstract:

This study is designed to examine Chinese university students’ perceptions and engagement of employing an online interactive video-based learning platform in learning English as a foreign language (EFL). The recent College English Curriculum Requirements (Ministry of Education of China, 2007) clearly indicates College English learning in China should improve students’ learning ability as well as their cultural awareness with the support of advanced technologies. However, current College English learning and teaching cannot well cater for the needs of learners or the society. To date, there is only a few studies (Kettle, Yuan, Luke, Ewing & Shen, 2012; Shen, Yuan & Ewing, 2015; Yuan & Shen, 2013, 2014) investigated the development of online digital learning resources for Chinese EFL learners as well as their perceptions of digital resources. Based on the findings of previous research, this study will investigate learners’ perceptions and participation in the video-based EFL learning in the Chinese university context.
Informed by sociocultural theory (Vogysky, 1978), four strands of theories: learner autonomy, interactive learning, Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and scaffolding (Benson & Lor, 1998; Ellis, 1985; Gabel, 2001; Ohta, 2000; Vygotsky, 1978), form a quadrangle model to examine Chinese EFL university students’ learning in a computer-assisted language learning (CALL) context. This quadrangle theoretical model informs the development of research methodology as well.
This is a qualitative case study with statistical descriptions. Questionnaire, observations, focus groups, individual face-to-face interviews and documents will be used to collect data for this study. A total of 200 Chinese EFL university students will be invited to participate in the research. The collected data from different sources will be analyzed, compared and categorized to find out Chinese EFL learners’ perceptions and engagement of using an online interactive video-based learning platform to develop their English language learning.
Keywords:Computer-assisted language learning, digital learning resources, video-based language learning, interactive language learning, English as a foreign language in China. 

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