student profile: Mr David Hegarty


Thesis work

Thesis title: The effects of computerised cognitive training on executive function, academic achievement and fluid intelligence in Year 3 and Year 5 students.

Supervisors: Susan COLMAR , Paul GINNS

Thesis abstract:

This research will address previous criticisms of cognitive training literature by�br /� 1. using a cognitive training program that is more aligned to current executive function theory than previous research, by training executive level processes�br /� 2. using multiple measures for each executive function construct to estimate latent scores of executive functions�br /� 3. using randomly allocated experimental and active control groups that utilise similar computer-based tasks and have the same face-to-face contact time so that a realistic comparison can be made as to the efficacy of the cognitive training program�br /� 4. determining the impact of cognitive training on executive functions, fluid intelligence and academic achievement by following a cohort of children over a period of one year�br /� 5. measuring processing speed to determine if this is a potential mediating variable in cognitive training; and�br /� 6. assessing the impact of different training expectancies between the experimental and control group and its impact upon training gains.�br /� In addition to these student-based measures, behaviourally-based reports from teachers and parents will provide additional sources of evidence of the program’s effects. Lastly, the potential moderating effect of an individual's implicit theory of intelligence on training gains will be assessed.

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