student profile: Ms Fiona Salisbury


Thesis work

Thesis title: How can academic libraries participate in shaping the future idea of the university?

Supervisors: Tai PESETA , Simon BARRIE

Thesis abstract:

This study will situate the academic library within the historical and current discourse around the idea of the university. While there has been an extended scholarly discussion on the idea of the university for some time (Readings, 1996; Nixon, 2010; Barnett, 2011, 2013, 2015), there is currently no research that explicitly connects the academic library to the idea of the university. By addressing this gap, the study creates an opportunity for future imaginings of professional practice in academic libraries, and how that practice might be more anchored in scholarly understandings and dialogue about changes to the university. The purpose of this study is to bring the academic library into dialogue with changing ideas of the university. In doing so, it generates new knowledge in two senses: first, it supports the deliberations of academic libraries about how best to engage with contradictions of the future university; and second, the study adds a new dimension - an academic library perspective - to the current scholarship on the changing university. The study takes the academic library as a reflexive subject, and the data generated through it will establish rich portraits of how academic libraries are operating and contributing to shaping their university learning environments.

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