Miss Jessica Zanuttini


Thesis work

Thesis title: Using peer mediated time-delay to support social communication development

Supervisors: Cathy LITTLE , Michelle BONATI

Thesis abstract:

This study will investigate the social communication effects of embedded peer-mediated time-delay during inquiry-based science within the mainstream classroom. Using a multiple-baseline-across-behaviours-design, social communication outcomes for three elementary-aged students with autism will be examined.
Data collected through partial interval recording procedures will determine the extent to which a peer-mediated intervention can improve the social communication outcomes for students with autism. Additionally, inquiry-based science knowledge tests will be orally administered to peer-mediators and target participants to monitor academic outcomes over the course of the study.
It is hypothesised that results will indicate an improvement in the frequency and proficiency of social communication skill use, while causing no hindrance to academic outcomes for either group of participants. 

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