Miss Jessica Zanuttini


Biographical details

Jessica Zanuttini is a PhD candidate within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. She graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Honours 1). Alongside her current research in special and inclusive education, Jessica is an academic tutor and primary school educator. Her research interests are in autism spectrum disorder, inclusive education, and social communication development

Teaching and supervision

Jessica has tertiary education experience as an academic tutor in Special Education subjects within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Between 2015 and 2017, Jessica has tutored in Positive Approaches to Special Education (EDUF3031) and Special Education: Inclusive Schools (EDMT6125).

Thesis work

Thesis title: Using embedded peer-mediated time-delay to support social communication development

Supervisors: Michelle BONATI , Cathy LITTLE

Thesis abstract:

This research aims to investigate the effects of peer-mediated time-delay instruction to deliver social communication direction for students with autism. Four single-case designs were conducted to examine the social effects of the intervention using a multiple-baseline-across-behaviour design. Same-age peers were trained to facilitate the constant time-delay procedure for four participants with autism. Peer-mediators implemented the embedded intervention during inquiry-based learning sessions within mainstream primary-education classrooms. Social Communication Assessment data, collected through partial interval recording procedures, was inspected using visual data analysis. Results indicated that all four target participants made improvements in the frequency and quality of their individually selected social communication behaviours.

Awards and honours

Recipient of the Research Training Program Stipend (formerly Australian Postgraduate Award, 2015-2017)

Recipient of the Raymond L. Debus Bequest Scholarship (2017)

Acceptance into the eighth cohort of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division for Research Doctoral Student Scholars (DR-DSS)

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