student profile: Ms Jonamari Kristin Floresta


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Influence of Schooling on the Futures of Students who Experienced War

Supervisors: Elizabeth CASSITY , Alexandra MCCORMICK

Thesis abstract:

For students in the southern part of the Philippines, war is a word that is learned through inescapable experience. Philippine’s Mindanao has been undergoing conflict for almost 500 years and this has disrupted development. The youth are influenced towards participating in the war, as the problem of conflict has been passed on from one generation to the next. Using postcolonial concepts and Herbert Kelman’s Three Processes of Social Influence, the study seeks to better understand the ‘subaltern’ children who have experienced war of how schooling affects their identities and future roles in society. Children who have experienced war may have different educational needs. However, most educational strategies are centralized hence does not represent these students. This study may aid in creating potential strategies in education that can aid in fostering a peaceful future as studies on the identity and role formation of students who are exposed to war are limited.

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