student profile: Mrs Katherin Cartwright


Thesis work

Thesis title: Exploring primary teachers' conceptions of mathematical fluency in grades K-6

Supervisors: Jennifer WAY , Janette BOBIS

Thesis abstract:

The purpose of this research is to explore primary school teachers’ conceptions of mathematical fluency. How do primary teachers describe mathematical fluency and are there common descriptors across K-6? Mathematical fluency is well-defined by researchers however little field knowledge exists of practicing primary teachers’ conceptions. Mathematics is often thought of as having a language all of its own. If mathematics is a language, it makes sense that teachers want students to be fluent and able to communicate what they understand in regards to mathematical concepts. Qualitative data will be colelcted via questionnaires and teacher interviews to understand teachers' concpetions of mathematical fluency and what does it looklike when we observe students solving problems. It is hoped that a shared understanding of mathematical fluency can be reached leading to the development of common fluency descriptors for mathematics. Further research may be undertaken to explore how teachers observe and identify fluency in students leading to valid and consistent judgements when assessing fluency.

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