student profile: Mrs Katherin Cartwright


Thesis work

Thesis title: Mathematical fluency in action: Observing primary students´┐Ż mathematical fluency

Supervisors: Janette BOBIS , Jennifer WAY

Thesis abstract:

For students to be successful in mathematics they need to develop fluency alongside knowledge, skills and understanding. Students may develop fluency with procedural knowledge but lack the understanding of how to be fluent in applying the knowledge and skills in different situations. This research study will focus on investigating characteristics of mathematical fluency that students display in primary classrooms. The study will explore what characteristics are commonly observed in students and identify any characteristics teachers believe are important but may not be evident. Observations will be undertaken of students during individual and group work scenarios, as well as analysis of student work samples to identify characteristics teachers view as evidence of mathematical fluency. These findings will hopefully assist teachers in identifying aspects of mathematical fluency students are having success with, and pinpoint aspects that require further development.

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