student profile: Ms Katrina Kemp


Thesis work

Thesis title: Recapturing Lost Spontaneity: Beliefs and Practices in Teaching Creative Writing

Supervisors: Robyn EWING , Jacqueline MANUEL

Thesis abstract:

Contextualised by an educational climate of curriculum and policy change, school and teacher accountability regimes and teacher and student performance measures, this thesis critically interrogates the ‘creativity’ agenda promoted in government educational publications as a goal for 21st century students, particularly the Australian Curriculum: English. The specific research focus is on documenting the beliefs and priorities of teachers about student creativity in learning to write during their first three years of school, on identifying the extent to which the creative and imaginative thinking called for in the 2012 English syllabus is implemented in current early literacy learning and on the factors that shape participating teachers’ capacity to enact creative writing in their classrooms.

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