student profile: Mr Mazin Yousif

MEd (Research) candidate


Thesis work

Thesis title: Teacher Written Feedback and Student Response to Feedback in an ESL Classroom

Supervisors: Marie STEVENSON , Brian PALTRIDGE

Thesis abstract:

The study sets out to investigate teacher written feedback and student response to feedback in an English as a second language (ESL) classroom. The study consists of two parts. Part A is product-focused. It examines the characteristics of teachers’ written feedback on content and language and subsequent revisions that students make to the drafts of their written work in response to feedback. Part B is process-oriented, examining ESL students’ cognitive and affective engagement with teacher written feedback when they process feedback to undertake subsequent revisions. The study is conducted in three naturally occurring ESL classrooms, and its data come from three sources: students' written texts, think-aloud protocols, teacher interview and talk-around text interviews with students. The study employs both quantitative and qualitative analysis in its research design.

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