Mr Manuel Condoleon


Thesis work

Thesis title: TALK THE TOK AND WALK THE WOK: How International Baccalaureate teachers integrate Theory of Knowledge in their teaching

Supervisors: Nigel BAGNALL , Timothy ALLENDER

Thesis abstract:

This study will explore how International Baccalaureate teachers across the six subject groups of the Diploma Programme integrate the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course in their teaching. TOK examines the nature of knowledge and is fundamentally about critical inquiry into the ways of knowing (WOK) such as reason, emotion, language and sense perception across the different areas of knowledge. Areas of knowledge are classified in six groups, namely mathematics, sciences, literature, languages, humanities and arts. TOK is taught both as a stand alone subject by specialist TOK teachers and as a cross-curricular component by all subject teachers in their respective subject area. A key objective of TOK is to emphasize connections between areas of knowledge. It is a compulsory element of the IB Diploma Programme, however research shows that many subject teachers do not feel confident in embedding TOK in their teaching. A multiple case study research will be employed where teachers reveal their views and practices regarding TOK.

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