student profile: Mrs Natasha Arthars


Thesis work

Thesis title: Co-constructing Epistemic Environments: A Sociomaterial Inquiry into Complex Problem Solving in Higher Education

Supervisors: Lina MARKAUSKAITE , Pippa YEOMAN

Thesis abstract:

Faced with an increasingly complex world of work, situated within what many refer to as the ‘knowledge age’, learners need to enter the workforce equipped to collaboratively solve problems and create new knowledge. The complexity of contemporary problems has led to claims that we have in fact moved beyond the ‘knowledge age’ to the ‘conceptual age’ in which both creative and complex problem solving skills are of prime importance (Pink, 2005).

In order to solve these complex problems, learners require the ability and the agency to co-construct their epistemic environment. This study will examine cases in higher education where learners work collaboratively in groups to co-construct their epistemic environment while engaging in complex problem solving tasks.

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