student profile: Mrs Puji Rahayu


Thesis work

Thesis title: Productive Failure in Multi-user Virtual Environments (MUVE)-based English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Activities: Students� Performance and Interactions

Supervisors: David HIRSH , Michael J JACOBSON

Thesis abstract:

The absence of authentic use of the target language inside or outside the classroom has been reported as the main challenge of English as a foreign language learning (EFL). EFL learners have difficulties to find genuine practice to communicate in the target language because the surrounding society does not speak the language. Multi-user virtual environments like �em�Second Life�/em� (SL) have been successfully explored to provide “virtually authentic” environment for EFL learners to experience genuine communication in the target language. Despite the reported success, effective pedagogical strategies for use in MUVE-based EFL activities are still under investigated. This proposed study will explore the use of productive failure (PF) in MUVE-based EFL programs, which have been positively applied in science and mathematics. The research will compare learning outcomes and students’ interactions between PF groups and direct instruction (DI) groups. It is expected that PF groups will demonstrate greater learning outcome than the DI groups. Students’ interaction patterns will also be described within PF and DI groups. It is hoped there will be both practical and theoretical implications of this research for EFL and other second language learning settings as well.�br /� �br /� Key words: MUVE-based EFL activities, virtual authenticity, productive failure, students’ interactions

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