student profile: Mrs Rosaria Indah


Thesis work

Thesis title: A postcolonial analysis of community-based medical education in post-disaster context: Purposes, pedagogies and predicaments in Indonesia

Supervisors: Matthew Am THOMAS , Ruth PHILLIPS

Thesis abstract:

 This thesis aims to acquire an insight from the interaction between post-disaster communities and medical doctors as well as medical students within the application of Community-Based Medical Education (CBME) in a post-disaster area in Indonesia.  In order to clarify the problem and the conceptualisation of CBME which address the issues of health inequity and social justice, the thesis will use the lens provided by postcolonial theory.  The application of postcolonial theory is very useful in explaining physical and psychological dimension of colonisation, describing power inclination in once colonised landscape of Indonesia and allows the subaltern community to speak in order to narrow the health disparity and brings the community closer toward health equity. In order to attain a deeper understanding of this issue and further highlight gaps in the literature, two distinct bodies of literature are reviewed in this exploration.  The first body of literature support  the postcolonial theory and its application of in medicine.  The second body of literature explores the conceptualisation of CBME and its application in post-disaster areas. This proposed study will use an ethnographic-informed approach to explore the nature of medical doctors/teachers-students-community members’ interaction during CBME at a post-disaster are in Indonesia.  If certain forms of interactions are found to actually impede the efforts toward solving the problems of health inequity and social justice, this study may indicate a readjustment of assumptions upon which current educational approaches are based.

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