student profile: Mrs Sarifah Syed Sahuri


Thesis work


Supervisors: Rachel WILSON

Thesis abstract:

Research on acculturation psychology has been concerned with the adjustment issues of international students. In Australia to date this issue has been addressed by many social scientists in order to understand how international students cope with the stressors in the early phase of adjustment. From a theoretical perspective, the Acculturative Stress Model (Berry, 2006) explains the sociocultural and psychological problems at the early phase of adjustment among international students because of their different intercultural contacts while the 3P Model of Classroom Leaning (Biggs, 1993)can be seen as a relevant model to explain international students’ academic adjustment in overseas universities. By combining these two models, the Integrative Model of Adjustment has been developed for my research to address the three main aspects of the adjustment process of international students: psychological, sociocultural and academic.Since little is known about Malaysian student adjustment in Australia compared to other groups of international students, an exploratory sequential mixed method will be applied in this study to uncover the major issues of adjustment among Malaysian students in Australia. This method will allow the development of a theoretical model to explain Malaysian students’ adjustment processes in Australia and the testing of the generalization of the theory to the large Malaysian student population in Australia. In this study, the Integrative Model of Adjustment is an important theoretical framework to guide the development of the theoretical model of Malaysian students’ adjustment in Australia.

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