student profile: Mrs Sene Gide


Thesis work

Thesis title: An Exploration of Leadership in High Quality Early Childhood Education Services.

Supervisors: Marianne FENECH

Thesis abstract:

It is now widely acknowledged that learning starts from birth and the quality of early interactions and experiences are fundamental for the development of children. Early childhood education (ECE) services play a significant role in this stage but need to be of sufficient quality to achieve beneficial outcomes. A small but growing body of research has found that leadership and leadership practices contribute to quality ECE. This study aims to explore ECE directors’ and educators’ inside-out (Harrist et al., 2007) perspectives on the practice of leadership in three ECE services rated as Exceeding National Quality Standards in Sydney, Australia. The study will generate empirical data from directors and educators that will inform understandings of effective leadership practices and their contribution to the provision of high quality ECE.

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