student profile: Miss Yi Hong


Thesis work

Thesis title: Developing Global Citizens in Three Beijing Schools: from theories to curriculum

Supervisors: Murray PRINT , Ilektra SPANDAGOU

Thesis abstract:

Under the influences of domestic policies and globalization, there has been a dramatic increase in recent years in the number of Chinese citizens who contribute to the middle-class group. The fierce structural change of social class, however, brings about materialistic values among people, which is likely to prevent them from contributing to the global civil society. Meanwhile, there has been increasing amount of research worldwide suggesting that a commitment to global citizenship among the public can positively result in harmony, collaboration, and sustainable development on a global scale. There are several factors that influence people to develop into global citizens, including family, schooling, media, and peers. Schooling is suggested to be a powerful approach; and the education for developing people into global citizens in schools is known as the Global Citizenship Education (GCE). This proposal focuses on researching GCE in a Chinese context. It will be conducted within the context of case studies involving three high schools in Beijing, China. Due to the absence of the relevant curriculum, the proposal constructs a GCE-oriented curriculum which is compatible with the existing educational system. By reviewing the literature on global citizenship, the proposal suggests using a competency framework to scaffold the concept to the curriculum content. It also identifies the project-based learning as a feasible carrier to implement the curriculum, which is within the Integrated Practical Activity Curriculum of the existing Chinese educational system. The study will apply case study methodology from both horizontal and vertical levels as the goal is to obtain evidence of the efficacy of the curriculum. To research the case from vertical level is to gather insightful data over time, which is a powerful method to identify educational outcomes. Meanwhile, to research the case from horizontal level is to track teachers’ and students’ perceptions and experiences change across different case sites at the same time.

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