student profile: Mr Zhenhua Wang


Thesis work

Thesis title: A Comparative Study of Chinese-Australian Cooperation in Running Schools at the Undergraduate Level Based on Institutional Stakeholders� Perspectives�A Case Study of Inland China�s Henan Province

Supervisors: Anthony WELCH , Alexandra MCCORMICK

Thesis abstract:

This research investigates one major strand of internationalisation of higher education (IHE) and the major form of transnational higher education (TNHE) in Chinese context, i.e. Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS). The study puts universities of the biggest market and 3rd biggest exporter of IHE, China and Australia respectively(Australian Government, 2016, p.3), into a comparative study, with the aim to describe the general picture of their cooperation under CFCRS framework and shed light on its future development. The research will be conducted from the angles of relevant institutional stakeholders including administrators and teachers of both countries and CFCRS students studying in both countries.�br /� �br /� This research will be conducted via case study, and the author has deliberately selected non-elite universities in China as the cases, as they represent the broadest picture of higher education institutions (HEI) of the country. Central China’s Henan province is generally considered as a typical less-developed region of higher education in China with no MOE-affiliated HEI, no so-called “985” HEI, and only one “211” HEI. Henan is also the most populous province by the Hukou (household registration system) in China, and where my work experience is based. I have chosen two Chinese universities in Henan, and their Australian partners, as the case studies.�br /� �br /� The research draws on theories of globalisation, internationalisation, and cross border education. Using relevant literature, questionnaires, interviews and focus group analysis, the author will collect empirical data from institutional stakeholders including administrators, teachers and students from both sides, and by putting the data into comparative analysis, attempt to build a tentative model of CFCRS between China and Australia.

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