student profile: Mr Zhenhua Wang


Thesis work

Thesis title: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Australian Universities on their Cooperation in Running Schools on the Undergraduate Level

Supervisors: Anthony WELCH , Ilektra SPANDAGOU

Thesis abstract:

With the deepening of globalisation and internationalisation of higher education, more and more efforts from governments are being observed to promote transnational higher education with the aim of promoting their higher education. In China, the biggest market of international education, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools (SFCRS) is the most important form in this regard. Australia, one of the most important destinations for Chinese students, is also one of the most important SFCRS partners. Benefits of the cooperation is obvious for both in that China can make the best use of Australian resources and Australia keeps its leading position in Chinese higher education Market, but problems follow tightly from every aspect of administration and teaching, hindering the healthy development of the cooperation. The researcher aims to make a thorough study of SFCRS efforts between China and Australia, incorporating research from administrators, teachers and students perspectives, with an ultimate goal to build an ideal model of cooperation at the undergraduate level between the two nations for relevant government entities or universities and other institutions to draw upon.�br /�

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