School technologies for external relations

Our school supports a variety of technologies for communicating with potential students, researchers, practitioners and the general community. These include our most important marketing asset: the school website, as well as more targeted software created to support the school's other needs. Further information for school members about these applications is available on the intranet.

School website

This 900+ page publication is statistically proven to be our number one source of school information to the outside world.

More than ever, both locally and internationally, people turn to the web first for the information they need. Our site runs on the University content management system, and is managed by our content coordinator and our webmaster.

As a professional publication of the University of Sydney, accuracy, style and quality assurance are key, so our web content coordinator is responsible for editing and reviewing pages for this digital publication, in collaboration with staff content experts. You can submit feedback about any page of the website by using the "Comment on this page" tool at the bottom of the screen.

A copy of The Web Report, which details the latest activity for and on the school website, can be downloaded here (pdf, 146kB).

School directory

Most of our staff require a personal web presence more detailed than their listing in University phone book. Information about research interests, publications, expertise, CV and personal homepage are all possible thanks to our school directory. This database was designed and developed by our school Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management team, and is being continually improved through collaboration between its developers, the Research Division and the marketing units. In coming months, the school directory will be linked to University services and other applications that will improve its search function and stability and enrich its offerings.

Event registration

The school offers several options for online event registration and management.

DIY websites

When research-project funding has included an allocation for online and content, resources can arranged via project-based professionals. In the absence of such dedicated funds, many researchers and academics have benefited from the school's simple system for creating a do-it-yourself websites.