School technology for internal collaboration

Several software applications – either purpose-built or especially adapted – have been developed by the Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management team to augment and expedite school operations.

The Bulletin

A weekly news bulletin keeps staff informed of upcoming events and announcements. For many years, the bulletin was a twice-weekly email with lengthy attachments but in 2008, the Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management team, in consultation with the Dean's Unit, installed and customised the Word Press blog on our servers and created a school branded template, which was upgraded to meet new brand standards in 2010. The bulletin-as-blog prevents the clogging of inboxes and allows school members to search and archive stories, and provide easy web links.

Document management

The school offers several options for document management, including Alfresco, an open-source technology that can be used to collaboratively share files, and which includes facilities for storing documents, "versioning", "checking in" and "checking out". School members can learn more about the available document-management applications – including how to apply for access – by logging into the school intranet page that describes staff-and-operations technology.

Staff intranet

The intranet provides staff with a calendar for internal school events, meeting minutes, policies, online room-booking, answers to frequently asked questions and a wealth of other information.

As well, the Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management team, in consultation with the school manager, has recently established StaffMoodle, which provides a space for collaborative work, and was successfully piloted to create a whole-of-school response to the University's Green Paper.

Services Tracking and Reporting System (STARS)

STARS is the online application that enables staff to easily report any problems or requests they have in relation to school technologies. For users, one of the main advantages is dynamic tracking of the progress of these issues. On the operational end, STARS streamlines the workflow for the Digital Innovation and Knowledge Management engineers and improves communication.

Comment-on-this-page system

The school webmaster has developed a software application unique to the school, which allows any reader of the website to offer feedback and request changes to particular web pages. This system is accessed by clicking on the "Comment on this page" link provided in the footnotes of the page for which the change is being requested. In common with STARS, this system automatically tracks the progress of requests, which improves communication and benefits both users and administrators.