Desktop support and University services

Desktop support is provided by the University's central ICT services. If you are a University staff member, you can contact the University Staff ICT Helpdesk (P: 16000; E: ) for help with computer problems, software and other technology-related issues. Students have access to a separate, purpose-built Students ICT Helpdesk.

University staff can also arrange for a videoconference session for which Skype is an inadequate option, by emailing to discuss which of the several videoconferencing facilities at the University best suit their needs.

The University Learning Management System (often referred to as WebCT) is the technology of choice for hosting online courses. It is supported by the University ICT helpdesk.

Lectures can be conducted live online in webcasting sessions that are supported by ICT Central and use the application Adobe Connect.

Additional information about contact details for all these services is provided for Sydney School of Education and Social Work school members on the intranet.