Alumni stories

The Faculty of Education & Social Work’s graduates go on to a wide range of careers and vocations. Here are some of them. We will be adding to this site regularly.

Murat Dizdar
BEd(HUM) 1997

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Professor Peter Freebody
BA (1973), DipEd (1974), PhD Illinois

Researcher on Literacy
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Ms Jennie George
BA (1969), DipEd (1969)

Teacher and Union Leader
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Libby Gleeson AM
BA, DipEd (1974)

Adjunct Honorary Professor
Faculty of Education and Social Work
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Dr Phil Lambert
EdD (2001), Med (1995)

Regional Director, Sydney
NSW Department of Education and Training
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Ms Nerida Mosely

Teacher and Deputy Principal in Disadvantaged and Rural Schools
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Mr Benjamin Phillips
BEd(Primary) (2010)

Indigenous Teacher
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Ms Larissa Treskin
BA (1969), DipEd (1970)

Principal of James Ruse High School
Master of Learning Science & Technology I
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Dr Harold Wyndham

Teacher, Researcher and Director General of Education
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