Ten Questions

Ten Questions is a feature focusing on the Faculty of Education and Social Work's alumni and friends. The Ten Questions are posed to each person about their experiences while with the Faculty, and since! Ten Questions also appears in editions of our Alumni & Friends eNewsletter.

Belinda Luscombe

Belinda Luscombe completed a Diploma in Education in 1986 and is editor-at-large at Time magazine in New York.

"Teachers and social workers are the front line of the fight to get people out of the depressing repeating cycle of poverty and festering misery and squandered ability"

Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford completed her Bachelor of Arts in 1985 and her Bachelor of Social Work in 1987 and is now founder and director of Can Too, which has raised more than $7m for cancer research in eight years.

"My Bachelor of Social Work has really made me the person I am today. It has really affected the way I see the world and therefore the things that give me a sense of meaning."

Jacqueline Styles

Jacqueline Styles completed her Bachelor of Education (Primary) in 1996 and has worked around the globe as a teacher, a Quantas first class flight attendant and Medical Representative.

"Obviously I feel a sense of belonging to the Faculty and its Alumni & Friends and of course am proud to be associated with the University as a whole."

Mafwizo Mwanangombe Brooker

Mafwizo Mwanangombe Brooker completed her Master of International Education in 2009 and currently working with children's libraries, helping to build literacy among Papua New Guinea's disadvantaged children.

"Never underestimate the contribution you can make as an individual. Put together, all our small contributions do amount to something worthwhile."

Dr Steve Georgakis

Dr Steve Georgakis gained a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in 1994, a Doctor of Philosophy in 2000 and then gained a Master of Education in 2011. He is currently a senior lecturer of pedagogy and sports studies in the faculty and very active with our Human Movement and Health Education alumni.

"The great joy of my work, apart from teaching, is meeting up with friends who are part of the alumni group."

Alexander Wharton

Alexander Wharton graduated with first-class honours in 2010. Since then he has been busy as a full time English teacher. Here he reflects on his time in the Faculty and how his studies helped make him who he is today.

"We are a part of something really special, let’s not forget that.”

Small image of Murat Dizdar

Murat Dizdar completed a Bachelor of Education (Secondary Humanities) degree in 1996. His current senior leadership role as an effective and passionate educational leader in the nation's largest public education system has enabled professional growth of others through mentoring and coaching.

“Education is such a powerful leveler and the impact of outstanding teachers on young people – especially those who do not come from strong, healthy functioning families – is immeasurable.”

Tejendra Pherali

Dr Tejendra Pherali completed his MEd (Research Methodology) in the Faculty in 2004. Originally from Nepal he is now an Education academic at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK.

"The world is becoming increasingly complex and no educational degrees can fully prepare us for the future but good degrees provide us with an intellectual capacity to be able to make appropriate connections between complex sets of information and identity new opportunities that emerge in new forms and shapes."

Maggie Stein

Maggie Stein is a successful artist who completed her undergraduate degree in the 1980s. She went on to do a DipEd and has continued to teach in various roles for the past twenty years.

"If you're passionate about something follow your dreams – and the most important quality to develop for any successful life is resilience."