School Drama with Sydney Theatre Company

Developed in partnership with the Sydney Theatre Company and spearheaded by Professor Robyn Ewing, AM, School Drama provides professional learning to primary teachers in how to use drama strategies with imaginative literature to enhance children's English and literacy development.

Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts, Robyn Ewing, says drama can encourage deep learning and understanding. It can re-engage a significant proportion of school children who become disinterested in classroom learning, particularly during the middle years.

"It's been demonstrated over and over again that actually getting into the action, engaging children in their own learning instead of being taught to, or taught at, makes a huge difference," she said.

"Drama can have a similar impact in social studies or in history, in geography, in maths, science, and can help develop children’s confidence and self efficacy. You only have to look at the engagement of the children involved in drama to see that's the kind of learning we want across the primary curriculum."

Watch Professor Robyn Ewing leading workshops with primary school teachers to demonstrate how drama strategies in the classroom can contribute to improved literacy, life skills, and empathy in children.

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