Favourite trips

Whether you're visiting Sydney for a few days or several months, there's an amazing variety of things to see and do. From day trips and weekend drives up the coast, to adventures in the outback or the Great Barrier Reef – here are some of our favourite trips, brought to you by the CoCo team.

  • Garie Beach
    Day Trip | Kashmira
  • Kangaroo Valley
    Weekend Trip | Dorian
  • Ulluru (Ayer's Rock)
    Week Trip | Lina

Garie Beach

This stretch of coastline includes stunning scenery, great walks and a variety of swimming opportunities. If you're looking for a sheltered spot, you can go past Wattamolla, with its lagoon, waterfall and beach. But if surf is more your scene, head towards Garie Beach. Both have toilets, picnic facilities and kiosks.

The clifftop heathlands of this area are a picture of stark, windswept beauty. You can explore them on the Coast Track and Curra Moors Track. Expect wildflowers around August and September, and keep an eye on the ocean between May and August - you might catch a glimpse of a migrating whale!

Garie Beach is a part of Royal National Park. As such you can access it on a day trip from Sydney through the National Park south of Cronulla and north of Woollongong. (Park entry fee is around A$10.00.) It's a beautiful site and has many easy to difficult walking tracks.

This trip was recommended by: Kashmira

Kangaroo Valley

One of the nicest places for a weekend trip outside of Sydney is a little place just 2 hours south called Kangaroo Valley. This lush green country-side has family farms, waterfalls, rock pools for swimming and rainforest. Even the beach is only a half hour away.

At Kangaroo Valley village, you can stay at the local pub, or at one of the farm cottages or bed and breakfasts nearby. The last time I went, I stayed at Bell Farms a little farm with a great view and some friendly horses, cows and baby goats. They even let me bring my dog.

Nearby there was canoeing, biking, camping and horse riding as well as a lavender farm, national park and zoo. But, alas, it rained, so instead of outdoor activities, we drove to the historic town of Berry nearby, which has plenty of character and many little shops to wander around in. On the way we even spotted an echidna!

This trip was recommended by: Dorian

Ulluru (Ayer's Rock)

Ayer's Rock, now known by it's original Aboriginal name as Ulluru, remains one of Australia's most striking and popular tourist destinations. Located at the red and famously arid centre of the country near Alice Springs, this is the heart of the real outback. Unsurprisingly, the heat can be formidable in summer, so, as with Cairns and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, it's a spot best visited outside the hottest times of the year. Ulluru is not just an amazing wonder of the natural world, it is also a central part of the spiritual world, and as such a corner stone of Australia's cultural history. Australia's indigenous people represent the world's oldest continuous culture in the world and Ulluru is of great indigenous spiritual significance.

This trip was recommended by: Lina