Visitor tips

Coming to Sydney? Here are some accommodation tips and other info for our regular visiting interns and scholars from overseas.

Where do I find a place to stay?

Accommodation Service

The University has an accommodation service that helps people find places to stay nearby (but you can only use it if you are an enrolled student).


The neighborhoods that border the university and are therefore walking distance, are Newtown, Glebe, and Camperdown. These are lively student-friendly and culturally rich neighborhoods loaded with shops and restaurants. The University is a 5 minute bus ride form the centre of "downtown" (which in Sydney they refer to as "the city").

Three public primary schools border the University campus: Darlington, Forest Lodge and Newtown North. Just slightly farther away are neighborhoods like Stanmore, Marrickville and Dulwich Hill which are within 15 minutes drive of the University, and are directly accessible by train and bus. These all have diverse and friendly villages centres but are more quietly residential, and thus may offer more housing options, particularly for families.

Places to look into

  • UniLodge (across the street from campus)
  • International House (on campus)

Tips from previous students

  • "Since I am not enrolled as a student [or staff] at Sydney University, I wasn't able to use the accommodation service, so I can't really say anything about it. I ended up simply using Google and searching for terms like "Sydney student housing". That's how I found UniLodge, where I am currently staying. I'm very happy with it, and would certainly recommend it to other (international) students coming to Sydney. The rooms at UniLodge may seem a bit expensive, but you get a lot for your money. Take a look at the site, you'll get a furnished room with your own bathroom, a tv, a microwave, access to the game-room and swimming pool, you'll be really close to the University (10-15min walk through the beautiful Victoria Park) and the Broadway Shopping Centre is right across the street. At the beginning of the semester, they have free barbecues on the roof where you can meet other students. And since UniLodge is partly a hotel, you can get a lot of information about Sydney from the friendly staff at the reception." -Jimmy Frerejean, from The Netherlands
  • "One thing I thought about (before I found out about UniLodge) was checking into a cheap backpacker's hotel or a hostel and look for a place after my arrival. That way you can go and see the room before you make a deal. Don't know how you feel about this, just thought I'd suggest it." -Jimmy Frerejean, from The Netherlands