CoCo in the press

  • University management left behind on student learning - by Andrew Trounson
    In The Australian's Higher Education section, 29 September 2012, on Peter Goodyear's keynote address to a high-speed broadband and higher education forum.
  • Radio show Drive interviewed ICLS Co-Chair and CoCo Co-Director Professor Jacobson on the future of learning.
    ABC Newcastle radio, 17 July 2012
  • Pitching failure as a sure-fire path to success by Bernard Lane
    In The Australian on July 11, 2012, on ICLS keynote speaker Manu Kapur.
  • Sci-fi tech coming to a classroom near you by Kim Arlington
    In the Sydney Morning Herald Technology section on July 16th, 2012, on the technologies and developments highlighted at ICLS 2012.
  • Say Hello to Learning Interface Design
    UX Magazine, October 2011 by Dorian Peters.
  • Lithuanian Education: In search of a happy society
    (in Lithuanian: "Lietuvos švietimas: Laimingos visuomenės paieškos")
    The Education News, Ministry of Education, Lithuania, May 2011
  • The need to teach kids for life
    (in Lithuanian: "Sidnėjuje dėstanti lietuvė: vaikus reikia mokyti to, kas pritaikoma gyvenime")
    Delphi, Lithuania, May 2011
  • Demise of the ALTC a blow for innovation
    The Australian, 2 February 2011
  • HE community fights ALTC closure
    Campus Review, 31 January, 2011
  • The three Rs get rad with an iPad
    Sydney Morning Herald, 23 January 2011
  • Sydney's most influential people
    Sydney Morning Herald - The Sydney Magazine, Issue #93 January 2011.
    "In a controversial year, these five people stuck to their principles" says this issue of Sydney magazine, and among these five: Professor Peter Goodyear. In the article, Peter is named one of the Herald's Top 100 most influential people in Sydney, and described as "a quiet achiever who is shaping the future of learning."
  • App designers put accent on Strine
    Sydney Morning Herald, January 2, 2011.
    "David Ashe, of the centre for research on computer-supported learning and cognition at Sydney University, said the localising of apps was easily done. 'Once you have developed the application, to localise it is relatively inexpensive and automated, so it is now possible to have multiple languages,' he said.."
  • ALTC Fellow wins ARC Laureate Fellowship
    ALTC News, July 2010
    "ALTC Senior Fellow Professor Peter Goodyear has been awarded a prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowship by the Australian Research Council (ARC) which recognises world-class researchers and research leaders."
  • Learning in virtual reality environments
    Eon Reality, 28 February 2010
    "Virtual environments can help teachers use new methods more aligned with the way the mind learns than many teaching methods that have been employed over the last decades."
  • Sydney Uni gets serious on e-learning
    IT News, 30 July 2004
    "The University of Sydney is moving to mix conventional teaching with online learning..."
  • E-learning unplugged
    Campus Review, 2 June-8 June 2004, Vol. 14 No 21.
    "A new research centre at the University of Sydney will explore the future of e-learning as teachers across Australia unplug in favour of converging technologies..."

University Of Sydney News appearances

  • International conference looks to the classroom of the future
    University of Sydney news, 29 June 2012
    "Interactive worktables, robots and collaborative learning on mobile devices are close to becoming a reality in Australia's classrooms. Such revolutionary educational approaches are the focus of this year's International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS)... 300 of the world's leading researchers will converge from 2 to 6 July to present the latest findings on innovative learning experiences."
  • Learning Sciences conference makes headlines
    Faculty website, 12 July 2012
    "The International Conference of the Learning Sciences saw world leaders in the science of learning converge in Sydney for a week-long exploration of cutting-edge research shaping the future classroom. Conference Chair and faculty Professor, Michael Jacobson, was interviewed on the future of learning for ABC Radio Newcastle. Digital tabletops made headlines when keynotes Judy Kay was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and Manu Kapur was featured in The Australian."
  • "Sydney to host 2012 International Conference of the Learning Sciences"
    University of Sydney News, 9 Sept 2010
    "It will be the first time the conference has been held in the Southern Hemisphere.
    Professor Michael Jacobson...says this recognizes the University's international reputation as an important player in the fields of the sciences and technologies of learning."
  • "Hands on for a Digital Future"
    UniNews, 18 March 2009.
    "University of Sydney researchers are developing technologies that could eventually see 3D educational games, virtual chemistry labs, and sophisticated interactive modelling of climate change on computers in every high school classroom. Researchers at the University's Centre for Research on Computer-supported Learning and Cognition (CoCo) are behind the development, which is based on the latest learning sciences and educational research, says Professor Michael J. Jacobson and co-director of CoCo..."
  • "Designs on Better Learning"
    UniNews, 22 May 2007.
    "Professor Goodyear's work will help teachers design learning resources and activities by improving our knowledge about the "essence of good educational activities..."
  • "Meeting the demands of the Net Gen"
    UniNews, 28 October 2005, Vol. 37 No.13.
    "According to Professor Peter Reimann, we can expect to see traditional spaces such as lecture theatres and seminar rooms transformed by technology..."
  • "Satellite schooling unites rural children"
    UniNews 19 Aug 2005, Vol. 37 No.9.
    This article describes the ARC funded elearning project lead by Stephen Crump, in collaboration with a team of researchers including CoCo's Peter Goodyear.
  • "Project brings together technology and teaching"
    UniNews, 23 May 2003, Vol. 36 No.8.
    Describes the arrival of CoCo founders and first directors Peter Reimann and Peter Goodyear.
  • "Elearning in the Wild"
    UniNews, 21 May 2004, Vol. 36 No.8.
    An introduction to CoCo and its research in the year the centre was launched.