• Anindito Aditomo, PhD
    The role of students' personal epistemologies in inquiry-based learning
  • Shannon Kennedy-Clark, PhD
    Design considerations in scenario-based multi-user environments: the role of priming, structure and collaboration in developing scientific inquiry skills.
  • Jason Sargent, PhD
    Towards Resolving the Refugee Camp as Campus Paradox: Exploring complexities of attainment of higher education by refugees on the Thai-Burmese Border
  • Karen Scott, PhD
    Transformation of academic staff in their use of elearning


  • Kelly McGraw, PhD
    Innovation and change in the 1999 New South Wales Higher School Certificate English Syllabus: Challenges and problems.


  • Susanna Mann, PhD
    Designing for mobile learning beyond online: Using mobile devices as mediating tools for informal learning in a technology museum.


  • Carlos Gonzalez, PhD
    University teachers' experiences of blended environments
  • Sarah Howard, PhD
    Teacher change: Individual and cultural risk perceptions in the context of ICT integration


  • Anindito (Nino) Aditomo, M.Phil.
    How learning opportunities in online collaboration can be identified and assessed by analysing collaborative discourse
  • Carlos Gonzalez, , M.Phil.
    Lecturers' experiences of teaching undergraduate courses using the web


  • Miriam Weinel, PhD
    Coordination and Social Presence in Computer-Supported Learning Groups
  • Dai Fei Yang, PhD
    Improving Networked Learning in Higher Education: language function and design patterns.
  • Kashmira Dave, M.Ed.
    Interactive Distance Learning Provision In Regional And Remote Areas: Parental Perspectives On Changing Technologies And Practices.
  • Kate Thompson, PhD
    System Dynamics as a Mindtool for Environmental Education - in a Classroom and in a National Park.