CoCo members include the CoCo team and affiliates. CoCo affiliates share a common interest in the sciences and technologies of learning and they participate by giving seminars, attending events and collaborating with CoCo's academic staff and students.

CoCo Team

At the core of CoCo's membership sits the CoCo team which includes the directors, staff researchers, technical professionals and research students, who are pivotal to the centre's daily activities.

Research students
  • Andrew Allan | PhD candidate
  • Shaista Bibi | PhD candidate
  • Daniel Burn | PhD candidate
  • Kit Yan Chu (Justin) | PhD candidate
  • Susan Coleman | MEd(Research) candidate
  • Philippa Dickison | PhD candidate
  • Helen Drury | PhD candidate
  • Courtney Hilton | PhD candidate
  • Amina Javaid | PhD candidate
  • Maryam Khosronejad | PhD candidate
  • Mandy Lacy | PhD candidate
  • Melinda Lewis | PhD candidate
  • | PhD candidate
  • | PhD candidate
  • Simon McIntyre | PhD candidate
  • Reem Mohammed | PhD candidate
  • Samuray Ozay | PhD candidate
  • Ana Pinto | PhD Candidate
  • Alisha Portolese | PhD Candidate
  • | PhD candidate
  • | MEd(Research) candidate
  • Eleni Smyrnis | PhD candidate
  • Natalie Spence | PhD candidate
  • Michael Tang | PhD candidate
  • Ling Wu | PhD candidate
  • Miriam Tanti | EdD candidate

CoCo Affiliates

University affiliates

  • Michael Anderson | Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    Drama and ICT; professional development; history of curriculum; drama and professional learning
  • Sue Atkinson | Sydney Elearning
  • Sarah Bedford | Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    Computer-assisted learning
  • Sandra Britton | School of Mathematics and Statistics
    Mathematics education
  • Rafael Calvo | Learning and Affect Technologies Engineering (LATTE)
    Computer supported collaborative work and learning; affective computing; e-learning and collaborative applications that use machine learning algorithms
  • Liz Devonshire | Pain Management and Research Centre
    Changing nature of academic work in the contemporary university climates. Impact of flexible elearning on academic practices; the role of student support in distance learning; Educational design and the online transformation process.
  • Rob Ellis | Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)
    Quality learning in universities and the important contributions made to desirable learning outcomes by the participants in the learning process
  • David Feng | School of Information Technologies
    Biomedical and Multimedia Information Technology; Computer Modeling and Simulation; Functional Imaging; Visualization and Vision; Data Compression, Video Data Processing and Management
  • Mark Freeman | Centre for Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Economics and Business
    Accounting, financial management and regulation; learning and assessment
  • Susan Gordon | Mathematics Learning Centre
    teaching and learning statistics and mathematics at university level; focus: socio-cultural context in which the activities of teachers and students are organised.
  • Lesley Harbon | Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    ICT And Languages Education; Short Term Overseas Language Intensive Programs; Cross-cultural Issues In Languages Education; Intercultural Language, Bilingual And Immersion Languages Education
  • Judy Kay | School of Information Technologies
    User modelling; user-adapted iteration; scrutable systems, artificial intelligence and education; computer science education; information filtering; push media; resource management
  • David Levy | School of Electrical and Information Engineering
    real time software and systems; software components; architecture and middleware; software performance; digital systems; neural computing and electronic information systems engineering
    Mary Lou Maher | School of Architecture, Design Science and Planning
    Designing and teaching in 3D virtual worlds; the role of place in virtual learning environments
  • Mary Jane Mahony | Education Connections, Faculty of Health Sciences
    instructional design; evaluation; educational systems development; design of distance learning materials; teaching at a distance; and overseeing distance education programs
  • Mary Peat | Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science
    Use of multimedia in teaching; independent learning online; the first year university experience
  • Dorian Peters | Web and Learning Interface Design, Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    Elearning Interface Design; Learning Experience Design (LX); multimedia, web and communication design; usability; UX; information architecture; accessibility; film; new media.
  • Ann Sefton | Emeritus Professor, Sydney Medical School. Focus: Uses of ICT in teaching and learning; uses of ICT in problem-based learning
  • Michelle Selinger | Sydney School of Education and Social Work (Adjunct Professor)
    Director, Education Practice, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco Systems
    Effective pedagogy for learning with ICT; Teacher training for ICT and curriculum integration; Cultural issues in education and ICT, collaboration tools for learning across boundaries, system wide educational change and the impact of ICT
  • Jen Scott Curwood | Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    Secondary English and Media Studies
  • Manjula Sharma | School the Physics
    Medical education. Focus: Uses of ICT in teaching and learning; uses of ICT in problem-based learning
  • Hui Shen | China Education Centre, Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    ICT In language teaching and learning; second and foreign language teaching and learning; foreign language teacher education
  • Piergiorgio Trevisan | Research Associate
  • Ross West | Flexible Online Learning Team
  • Kalina Yacef | School of Information Technologies
    Adaptive teaching systems; artificial intelligence tools and principles for education; Intelligent Teachings Assistance System; web-based education; skill acquisition, cognitive theories of learning; organisational learning; user modelling; cooperative systems; applied data mining (pdagogical context)
  • Sandra West | Sydney Nursing School
    E-learning initiatives, the use of blogs.
  • Wai Yat Wong | Sydney School of Education and Social Work
    Educational Video technology, Information systems for Learning and Teaching.

External affiliates

  • Lee Britton | Charles Sturt University
    Integrated online discussion and collaboration.
  • Chloe Cai | Shinyway International
    Expert & novice research, system dynamics, problem solving, a mixture of cognitive psychology and computer science
  • John Eklund | UX Research
    Human factors and HCI in the design and evaluation of new technology; Usability evaluation and user centred design; software quality and standards; instructional design; qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Anne Forster | University of Maryland, University College and independent consultant
    E-business models in education, distance learning systems, international trade in education, new identities for staff and students in technology enhanced learning and the role of mediation in resolving resistance and disputes.
  • John Gero | Krasnow Institute of Advanced Study
    Key research area: design science; much of his work is based on situated cognition
  • Peter Kandlbinder | University of Technology, Sydney
    Critical theory of technology; innovations in teaching and learning; evaluation of learning technologies; academic decision making
  • Michael Lawrence-Slater
    Fostering an Equitable, Quality Learning Experience within a Hybrid Learning Environment.
  • Susanna Mann
    Learning sciences and learning technology, ICT in Education, Educational technology, Mobile Learning and E-learning
  • Kim McShane | University of California, Santa Barbara
    Instructional development; academic development for flexible, online, and video-conference-enabled teaching. Academic identity and blended (online & face-to-face) teaching; the relational ethics of teaching, learning and academic development.
  • Kevin Parton | Charles Sturt University
    The relationship between climate and health; farm management modelling; environmental economics
  • Angela Thomas | University of Tasmania
    Children in online communities; 'New Literacies'; multiliteracies; Cybergirl cultures; children and computer games; e-literature; elearning; children's collaborative online role-playing narratives
  • Len Unsworth | University of New England, School of Education
    Literacy education; e-literature for children and adolescents; ICT and literacies
  • Joanna Teague | University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
    Blended Learning, Distance Learning, Personal, Professional and Work-Based Learning, Language Learning ELT & LOTE
  • Allan Morton | University of Western Sydney
    The intersection of educational computing, learning theory and pedagogy; students' use of ICT in Primary and Secondary classrooms; teachers' attitudes towards ICT; the role of ICT in teacher education.
  • Stephen Crump | University of Newcastle
    Education policy and practice across various issues and contexts, focusing on curriculum, policy and leadership in a way that is a particularly relevant to social, political and cultural issues in education.