Master of Learning Sciences and Technology (MLS&T)

The various courses of the Masters of Learning Sciences and Technology (MLS&T) are part of an innovative academic program that caters to people wishing to gain expert skills and knowledge in designing successful learning experiences with technology. 

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are generalist qualifications. At master's level, two specialised streams are offered: Professional and Research.

Professionals in eLearning

The Professional Stream is designed for those who work, or wish to work, in the field of eLearning within companies, government organisations or educational institutions. It is intended to help those seeking to advance their careers in the field by providing them with expert knowledge, structured experience, and an internationally recognised qualification. This stream is suited to individuals wishing to work as managers, designers, advisers, educators or specialists in technology-supported learning. It includes core subjects in emerging educational technologies, and the psychology and design of eLearning, as well as change management, organisational learning and systems thinking.

Researchers of ICT-supported learning

The Research Stream is intended for those who wish to conduct research into ICT-supported learning and are likely to progress to a PhD in the field. It includes core units of study that cover emerging educational technologies, research frontiers, and the psychology and design of technology-supported learning. This stream includes a dissertation on a topic of the student's choice.

Unique to this program

MLS&T is taught by the staff at "CoCo", the Centre for Research on Computer-supported Learning and Cognition, which operates within Sydney's Faculty of Education and Social Work. The CoCo Research Centre is an international centre for research in the sciences and technologies of learning. The MLS&T program is both focused and flexible with options for full-time and part-time study and a blended online and face-to-face experience. Custom-designed units are grounded in cutting-edge research in the Learning Sciences and provide unparalleled insight into the design, management and research of technology-supported learning.

Course structure

Classes are scheduled after standard working hours (normally from 5–7pm) to accommodate students in full-time employment. The four core units of study are delivered in flexible mode consisting of a mix of face-to-face meetings and online sessions of group activity.

The four core units of study comprise the graduate certificate.

The four core units of study AND two units of study from the electives' list constitutes a graduate diploma.

The Master's Research Stream comprises the four core units of study as well as a dissertation;

  1. Learning Technology Research Frontiers (EDPC5025);
  2. and either Evaluating Learning Tech. Innovation(EDPC5012) or Developing a Research Project (EDPK5003).

Candidates may choose to complete their dissertations in either one semester, by enrolling in Dissertation (EDPZ6720), or two, by enrolling in Dissertation Part 1 (EDPZ6724) followed by Dissertation Part 2 (EDPZ6725).

The Professional Stream consists of the four core units of study in addition to:

Core units of study

Elective units of study

Current students can view detailed course outlines for the subjects in which they are enrolled by logging into SUMO .

Further study

The MLS&T Research stream is tailored to students who wish to pursue a career in research in the learning sciences and technology-supported learning. Students who successfully complete the Research stream with an exemplary academic record can apply to the PhD program.