MLS&T – timetables

Current students can view detailed course outlines for the subjects in which they are enrolled by logging into SUMO .

MLS&T courses are normally offered as a combination of online and face-to-face sessions.

Below is the current timetable schedule.

Semester One 2014

  • EDPC5003: Learning Technologies in Education & Practice. Instructor: Miriam Tanti.
    Thursdays online course [Weeks 2 -13]
    Week 1 Face-to-Face meeting: Thursday 6 March, 5-7pm, Room 229, Building A35.
  • EDPC5012: Evaluating Learning Technology Innovation. Instructor: Lina Markauskaite.
    Mondays 7-9pm [Weeks 1 -13] Room 229, A35.
  • EDPC5021: Foundations of Learning Sciences. Instructors: Peter Reimann and Lina Markauskaite.
    Mondays 5-7pm [Weeks 1 -13] Room 229, A35.
  • EDPC5022: Design for Learning. Instructor: Leanne Cameron.
    Tuesdays 5-7pm [Weeks 1 -13] Room 229, A35.

Semester Two 2014

  • Innovations in Learning Technology & Practice (EDPC5023)
  • Systems, Change and Learning (EDPC5024)
  • Learning Technology Research Frontiers (EDPC5025)

Note: If you have any questions, please contact the unit instructor or email the MLS&T Convener, , for more information.

About online sessions

Online sessions often include video-based seminar and chat-based discussion in the "Adobe Connect" environment.

Generally (although this will depend on the instructor) you have the option to participate from a classroom on campus for the online sessions as well, but most students join in virtually every week, and come to campus just for the one or two compulsory face-to-face workshops each semester.

About face-to-face workshops

The compulsory face-to-face sessions give you the opportunity to meet the other people you'll be collaborating with throughout the semester, as well as a chance to meet your lecturers in person. All other class times can be attended virtually (using software provided).

Wherever possible, staff of different units coordinate and combine face-to-face workshops to make it as easy as possible for out-of-area students to attend all of these on-campus events in one day.

While it is generally expected you will be able to attend the face-to-face sessions for your unit, if you will have a particular problem attending one of the sessions, contact the unit coordinator, so arrangements can be made.

There is more information in our FAQ in the MLS&T information section.

University calendar

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