MLS&T – the learning environment

Blended learning: online and face-to-face

MLS&T is a hands-on program where you’ll work directly in a community of learners and instructors, as well as independently on individual, often workplace-related, projects.

As a master's student, you’ll log in each week to a vibrant virtual classroom and for video-based seminars and chat-based discussion in the "Adobe Connect" environment. During online sessions you’ll share in discussion with your instructors and peers, designed around relevant topics and learning goals. You will also have the opportunity to come together face-to-face during special workshops during the semester.

Requirements for study

In order to effectively participate in the program you need reliable access to a computer with a broadband connection. Because so much of the program relies on synchronous online collaboration, sometimes with live instructor video and other multimedia, a stable internet connection is essential. If you don't have a connection at home, you can work from the computer labs available on campus.

Feedback and assignments

Here are examples of what students have said about assignments and class work that form part of the course:

  • “This assignment challenges me to identify learning as conceptual change and also make me question whether meaningful learning did actually take place."
  • “This was good, as one was able to connect work experience and what was being learnt.”
  • "The podcast in the first section was a great learning experience technologically, but also a good experience as my group and I learned it together. It was good that each group was doing something different to the others as that meant we really had to work together rather than appropriate ideas from other groups!"
  • “ I particularly liked the analysis where you had to compare & contrast the cases, evaluate the effective use of technology, identify gaps and what if’s, etc... Kate's final assignment is helping me to reflect and evaluate, and it’s building on what I have accumulated in this course.”

Regular feedback and interaction with your instructors also comes in the form of weekly chat sessions, and throughout the week, specific feedback may be given via email.