Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Q. Can I study entirely online, or take the course from overseas?

A. Full distance mode is not available. While the program is offered primarily online, it is not available in full distance or overseas mode. The course is essentially delivered in “blended mode”, with emphasis on online activity and collaboration. This means the primary, online, learning environment is supported by two compulsory on-campus workshops per unit, which allow students to become acquainted with one another and with their teaching staff. We welcome enrolments from students who live interstate provided they are able to travel to Sydney once or twice each semester to attend on campus. International students can email the University's for student-visa information and help with enrolment.

Seminars are usually scheduled on consecutive days and it is usually enough to come to the campus for 1-2 days in the first week of the semester and for 1-2 days on one other scheduled day later in the semester. In all other weeks, students are required to participate in scheduled synchronous classes and group work. Required attendance – 90%. Overall, interstate students are very welcome. About 25% of current MSLT students live outside Sydney.

Q. When are the face-to-face sessions held this year?

A. Generally, for each unit, two face-to-face workshops are held - usually one at the beginning of the semester and one at the end. However, the number of workshops and the precise days they are held will vary fro unit to unit. We keep a current schedule of these sessions for our current students so that you can plan your trips to campus (or even to Sydney) ahead of time. See the timetables page for this year's on-campus dates.

Q. Can I take just one unit, or do I have to do the whole degree?

A. Yes, you can enrol in just one unit of study, if you are interested in professional development but do not want to do a degree. For more information about this process contact the faculty via the student enquiry form

Q. What are the entry requirements?

A. For up-to-date information on requirements, please see the Faculty's information for Future Students.

Generally, to be eligible for entry into the Master of Learning Sciences and Technology, you will need to have a bachelor degree in education, information technology, psychology or a related field, or a bachelor degree and relevant professional experience.

Proof of English-language proficiency must be provided with enrolment applications from some Australian and all international students for whom English is a second language.

Q. What are assessments like?

A. Assessments are based on a combination of group and individual work. Assessment is often based on students' contributions to online discussion sessions, individual project work, group project work and written assignments, however, this varies depending on the unit and instructor. Check the Postgraduate Handbook for more information about individual units of study.

Q. Can I change streams if I've already started?

A.Yes. The core units for both streams are the same so it is generally no problem to change your mind about which stream to follow mid-way. For more information, talk to representatives at the student administration office.

Q. Can I change to the Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma if I have already enrolled in the Masters?

A.Yes. You may have enrolled in the Masters, but decide later that you are happy to complete your studies after 6 completed units, to receive the Graduate Diploma (GradDip LS&T) or after just 4 completed units to receive the Graduate Certificate (GradCert LS&T). For more information, talk to representatives at the student administration office.

Q. Does doing the research stream cut the length of a PhD by a year?

A. No, but students who complete the Research stream with an average grade and dissertation 80 and above are eligible for a direct entry to a PhD program.

Q. Are there any Commonwealth-supported places (CSPs) for this program?

A. No. There are currently no Commonwealth-supported places available for the Master of Learning Sciences and Technology program.