Learning with video

Project Title

EVA - A Video Learning Environment

keywords: Video-based learning and teaching, Video in eResearch, video annotation, online learning, educational technology, Learning technologies, new media


EVA is an innovative research-based technology that provides an online environment for video-based learning and teaching. Designed for education, it includes support for scaffolding, collaboration, reflection, feedback, annotation, quick video navigation, and asynchronous and synchronous learning.

EVA stands for Educational Video with Analysis, Annotation & Assessment.

EVA is ideal for learning content that involves procedures, performance, languages, presentations, and for capturing experts, demonstrations and time-based events for future educational use. It has already been used in a variety of disciplines including child psychology, sport coaching, teacher training, and social work.

Watch the 'Prezi' on EVA.


Screenshots of the EVA software.

Project team

  • Wai Yat Wong
    Lead investigator
  • Peter Reimann
  • Peter Goodyear
  • Lina Markauskaite
  • Hui Zhong Shen
  • Donna O’Connor
  • Wayne Cotton
  • Vilma Fyfe
  • Pauline Howie
  • Anthony Loughland
  • Heman Chan
    Software engineer
  • Ken Yap
    Software engineer
  • Daniel Jing Yu Zhang
    Software engineer
  • Pius Jeon
    Software engineer


Wong, W. Y., Reimann, P., Armstrong, A. C., Howie P., Waugh, F., Walker, R., Loughland, T., O’Hara, A., Lynch, D., Anderson, M., O’Connor, D., Simpson, A. and Harbon, L. “An Educational Video with Annotation (EVA) collaboratory and teaching and learning management framework”. University of Sydney TIES Large Grant (2008-2009). Awarded $218,410.


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  • Hu, C., Wong, W.Y., Fyfe, V. & Chan, H. (2010). Use EVA to faciliate preservice teacher peer assessment. . In C. Crawford et al. Proceedings of Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 2010 (pp. 3257–3264).
  • Wong W. Y. and Reimann P. (2009). Web based Educational Video Teaching and Learning platform with Collaborative Annotations. In IEEE 9th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2009) (pp. 696–700).

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