Learning to write in collaboration

Project title

Comprehensive support for collaborative writing:
Visualising argument, text and process structures

Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project

Keywords: online learning, collaborative writing, learning analytics, educational data-mining, feedback


This project aims to develop a comprehensive support system for computer-mediated collaborative writing (CW) and to assess the impact of three kinds of scaffolds and feedback on the process and outcomes of CW. Feedback will be assessed on the argument structure, features of the text, and on the process of writing. Software tools to provide the scaffolding, and algorithms to calculate the respective information will be tested and integrated into a web-based writing platform. Visualisations will be developed to convey feedback to the users. Empirical studies will assess the effect of the scaffolds and visualisations on the writing process, the writing outcome (document quality), and team parameters such as satisfaction with the team process.


  • Professor Peter Reimann, CoCo Research Centre
  • Dr. Rafael A. Calvo, Learning & Affect Technologies Engineering (LATTE)
  • Dr. Kalina Yacef, Computer Human Adapted Interaction (CHAI)


These publications report progress and findings relating to this project.

  • "Process Mining to Support Students' Collaborative Writing " [PDF] V. Southavilay, K. Yacef, and R. A. Calvo, in Third International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM2010), A. Merceron, P. Pavlik, and R. Baker, Eds. Pittsburgh, USA, 2010.
  • J. Villalón, P. Kearney, R.A. Calvo, P. Reimann. “Glosser: Enhanced Feedback for Student Writing Tasks”. The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. July 1-5, 2008. Santander, Spain.


These resources provide background information about the specific area of research, technologies or methodologies relating to this project.

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