Emergency and WHS

Position Contact Phone Location

School safety officer

Nathan Allan

9036 5344

Level 3, Room 307
Education Building (A35)

First aid officers

Ann Stravopodis

9036 5368

Deans Unit reception
Education Building (A35)

Nathan Allan

9036 5344

Level 3, Room 307
Education Building (A35)

General emergencies

University Security Services

9351 3333
(24 hours)

Level 2
Services Building (G12)

Precinct Officers / Building attendants

9351 6333
9351 6336

Level 3, Foyer
Education Building (A35)

Chief Emergency Warden

Nathan Allan

9036 5344

Level 3, Room 307
Education Building (A35)

General information about work health, safety and injury management (WHSIM) at the University is available at the WHS website.

Evacuation plan

On each level of the building there are evacuation diagrams indicating the closest emergency exit.


BEEP ... BEEP ... – Prepare to evacuate

  1. Check for any sign of immediate danger
  2. Shut down equipment and processes
  3. Collect any nearby personal items

WHOOP ... WHOOP ... – Evacuate the building

  1. Follow the Exit signs
  2. Escort visitors and those who require assistance
  3. Do not use the lifts
  4. Proceed to the Assembly Area


  1. Warn anyone in immediate danger
  2. Fight the fire or contain the emergency, if safe and trained to do so

If necessary ...

  1. Close the door, if safe to do so
  2. Activate the 'Emergency Call Point (White)' or the 'Manual Call Point (Red)'
  3. Evacuate via your closest safe exit
  4. Report the emergency to 0-000 & 9351 3333

The assembly area is located on the open green area directly behind The Arena Sports Centre and next to the Education Annexe.

assembly area

Medical emergency


  1. Call an ambulance 0-000
  2. Notify the closest First Aid Officer
  3. If the person is unconscious, send for the closest automated external defibrillator (AED) located in the Education Building A35 foyer.
  4. Notify Security that an ambulance has been called 9351-3333.
  5. Send staff to the main entrances of the building to meet the Ambulance Officers on arrival.

Nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is located in Education Building (A35) foyer.