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Important: You must be a current full-time higher-degree-research student (HDRS) in the Faculty of Education and Social Work to be eligible for a shared desk located either in the Education Building A35 or the Education Annex A36. Information you provide here will be checked against University records to ensure the validity of your application.

Part-time students, please refer to the Research Students Guide for details on office space and computers available for part-time students' use.

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Policy on allocation of office space for full-time higher-degree-research students


The Faculty has a finite capacity to provide full time workspaces for HDRS. To best accommodate all our HDRS we have implemented a staggered system of allocating desks according to individual students’ needs and stage of candidature. Students at the beginning of their candidature have the option of sharing a desk with one other person, or having full-time access to a desk in specific rooms. These latter rooms have air-conditioning but no natural light.

For further details of the faculty’s policy on allocation of office space, please see the attached sheet.

In order to fairly allocate and utilise the limited space, please answer the questions below carefully.

Policy on allocation of office space


Download Policy on allocation of office space. (pdf, 220kb)